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“You can still have attitude and have gratitude”

I don’t want this quick little message to come off in the wrong way. I don’t want to sound like someone who is fame-hungry, or all about “the numbers”, but I really feel it is worth saying;
Every time I log into my journal, I am absolutely stunned by the number of people I see visiting my blog.

Since my birthday, my views have gone down for the first time since I first published this blog (which I expected, don’t get me wrong. I hadn’t posted anything worthwhile in a couple of weeks!), but any imaginary worries and unfounded pressure I felt disappeared instantly when I posted even just a quick note about my upcoming Yule post.

My views shot right back up, and it warmed my heart to know that even if you guys are quiet, I do have a supportive group of people who are, apparently, interested in what I have to say.

I really do appreciate every single view I get, because while I may not be doing this for the numbers or the ‘fame’, it does feel nice to know that my hard work is being noticed and that people have found something that resonates with them here.

To all my beloved readers and lurkers; thank you many times over. You make starting my days so pleasant every time you stop by. I really hope you continue to read, and that some of you are inspired enough to comment from time to time. I love discussing with people; pagans, non-pagans, newbies, and veterans alike!

Many thanks & Muchlove,