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Sorry I’m a day late on this one, guys.
I started a new job this week at a daycare (finally putting my diploma to good use), and so things have been rather charged here at home!

This week for the Pagan Blog Project 2012, the theme is ‘E’ again. As soon as I signed on for this, I knew one of my ‘E’ posts was going to be essential oils! I’m really pleased though, because not so long ago I got really inspired by a picture on my Tumblr to make a small carrying case for some of my oils, and I finally got the base of it made this week!

Originally I had planned to make it out of an old Altoids tin (that still may happen), but while visiting the Dollarama I came across a small change purse that may also work, and picked up a cigarette case that I would try out for this idea.

The great thing about the cigarette case is that it has elastic bands to hold things in place already, though I only have enough depth to put oils on one side. The Altoids tin will have enough depth for both sides to hold oils, but I will have to jimmy-rig something to hold them in place.

This is all part of my plan to start making spiritual practice part of my daily life; my daily devotions aren’t going as well as planned, but they are going far better than they usually would. I am still planning out a set of prayer beads for myself, and now this Practical Magic/First Aid Kit that I can carry around at all times!

Here are the things contained within my kit:

  • Salt; it’s a magical basic. I can use it during any impromptu spell work, or if I feel I need a quick cleansing.
  • Stones; in the one vial I have mostly Fluorite to enhance the effects of the other stones, but also of my oils. Also in that vial I have a few shards of amethyst, and a shard of tourmaline to help with my mental/psychic awareness and to ground me, respectively.
  • Needle & Thread; in one vial I have several safety pins, a few sewing pins, and a couple of sewing needles. Also, some black and white thread. This is both for practical and for magical use.
  • Teatree essential oil; You know in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the father wants to put Windex on everything? Well, that is me with teatree! Cuts, scrapes, pimples, rashes, in the laundry, in the shower, in my hair, on my feet, in the air, EVERYWHERE! It’s a natural disinfectant and helps with my oily skin so I use to it get rid of pimples, but I use it on any minor cuts or scrapes I get while working, too. Its inclusion in this kit is mostly practical.
  • Rosemary essential oil; this oil is a natural disinfectant as well (to a point), but I keep it in my kit for magical reasons as well. Rosemary oil is the cure-all of the magical herb world; it’s good for blessings, love, purification, exorcism, money, luck, you name it! I’ve read before that you can use it to replace any other herb or oil, the way you can use white to replace any colour. I also find it good for times when I start to feel bogged down with negativity; it inspires clear thoughts and pushes me ahead.
  • Lavender essential oil; Lavender is a close second to teatree in that I put it on practically everything as well. It’s not as antiseptic as teatree, I believe, but it helps to dull pain and soothes sensitive skin. I use lavender on bug bites and irritations, but also for its calming and soothing attributes for the mind and spirit. It is another useful herb, magically. It helps with love, purification, and can be used with spirit work.
  • Mint essential oil; Mint is great to energize and clarify the mind, like rosemary (try mixing the two! It smells amazing and will work wonders!), but it has the added benefit of the physical coolness it creates. I use Mint on achy feet, or put a drop on my forehead and neck (I don’t have sensitive skin; be careful if you plan to try this technique) when I feel a headache coming on. It can also be used in banishing.

Also in the kit are some bandaids, and Q-tips for application of the oils (that way I won’t contaminate them).

Soon, the blank side of the kit will contain an image, or maybe a compact mirror for practical or magical use! If I go for an image, I’d like it to be related to Hekate as I pray to her as Queen of the Witches and Cunningfolk, so herbalism is one of the ways I worship her. Do you guys have any ideas?