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‘F no.1’ is for “Fuck it, I’m sick!”

Sadly, as those of you who work in childcare know, it is a customary welcoming gift from the children of any daycare to get you nice and sick! Thankfully it was just an upset stomach and a bit of sore throat for me. It was also a plus that the kids getting me sick meant they were sick first and so I got a light week in terms of attendance (take that, you snot-leaking little buggers! Haha! I’m kidding, I swear.)

What all this means for you guys is that I have decided to call in sick from the Blog Project. Fuck it! 😉
I’m just going to take the week off and make sure that I have a good post for next week.

Thanks everyone for understanding, and I hope you all enjoy the other posts this week; from my sick bed (ha! like I’m dying or something…mostly I’m just sleeping in today and too lazy to get up) I’ll make sure to get some commenting done on some of the ones I read!


I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to check out and subscribe to A Changing Altar’s Tumblr account. I mostly reblog pictures and posts that I like, mostly dealing with Dionysus and spirituality. I may start writing more mini-blogs there, as I don’t want to derail too much from the Pagan Blog Project on here. Lots of beautiful stuff on there, and worth checking out between posts to get your Dionysus fix, haha!

 A Changing Altar’s Tumblr:

Thanks again, everyone!