Hello everyone!

I’m really sorry for my lack-lustre performance here on the blog.

Honestly, I’m just not feeling up to it these days; it usually takes me between 2 and 4 hours to plan, research, write, edit, post, and re-edit every entry, and I just haven’t been feeling up to it. The organized and formal style of writing here on WordPress is a bit more involved than I am willing to deal with at the moment.

However, I am still active and contributing over on Tumblr!

Click here to visit A Changing Altar on Tumblr!

I reblog lots of beautiful photos, post short and informal entries about what I am doing in my spiritual life, and discuss lots of things with other authors there on the site. I know it’s more difficult for some of you to be able to comment and interact over on Tumblr, but for now it is where I’ll be posting.

Thanks for understanding, everyone.

-A Changing Altar