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A few weeks back I got some pretty terrible news regarding a job I had been relying on and waiting on for a few months. It had been promised to me, and at the last minute it was cancelled and that left me in a big ol’ heap of trouble. This is partly why I haven’t been able to write part 2 of my Dionysian Ritual Review.

In a bit of desperation, I took to my Tumblr account and asked the amazing group of witches and Pagans on there if they would be willing to send some energy my way to help me get a new, stable job ASAP!

I sent out my CV, made some calls, and finally got an interview! It went swimmingly, and while things are not 100% confirmed (I’m gonna say 98%), I feel really good about it.

One of my followers, Gravestamp, even painted a beautiful portrait of Dionysus to cheer me up.
Her husband, Like-falling-leaves, was really kind as well, so later on when he needed some help with getting a job, I was more than happy to work a bit of hocus-pocus for them.

I used Crown of Success in my working for them; it is an oil recipe from work that I always recommend to customers and I always have great results with it. It helps to break down barriers and any misconceived notions, stops gossip, fosters good communication, and gets you where you want to go in the business world. I blessed a green candle (for abundance) with it, and lit some amber incense. Later tonight I’ll also be leaving out some more offerings for them.

Here’s some photos of the working…

In those pictures you can also see some offerings from my own job spellwork, and a beautiful bouquet of blue flowers my fiance bought me for a successful job interview; they were perfectly time because it was the Blue Moon, so now I have blue rose petals from the Blue Moon!

I am really happy that I have gotten myself involved with the Tumblr Pagan and witchcraft communities; there is a fair share of drama and Witchier Than Thou from time to time, but in general these people are so helpful, informative, and especially even silly! I’ve learned so much in the scant 6 months that I’ve been in that community, and if I can give back to these people by doing occasional spell work for them, I’m more than happy to help!