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A Brew to Ease an Emotional Crisis –


This brew is incredibly basic, and can be adapted to any situation by switching up the herbs or oils used.

After a particularly upsetting fight with her husband, a friend came to visit us for a few days to get away. She arrived, overwhelmed with emotions from the fight. I made her some tea, tucked her away in the living room, then scurried to my altar and cast this spell to keep tensions in the apartment from becoming unbearable.


  • Bowl or cauldron
  • Boiling water
  • Bay leafs (dried)
  • Lavender (dried or fresh)
  • Chamomile (dried or fresh)
  • Jasmine (flowers or tea)
  • Rose petals (dried or fresh)
  • Cascarilla


  1. First, tend to the immediate needs of the emotional person. In the case of my friend, I know she drinks jasmine tea when she is stressed (and jasmine is an excellent herb for depression, stress, etc), and so I prepared a large cup for her and made her comfortable in the living room with my fiance.
  2. Gather your tools and ingredients; don’t forget things like matches, your boiling water, etc., depending how much of the ‘set-up’ you do before spellwork, or as part of the spellwork. Set up your space as your tradition or inclination dictates.
  3. Set one bay leaf aflame. Allow it to burn out, and use the smoke to cleanse all of the tools and ingredients. Repeat, cleansing yourself with the smoke from another bay leaf.
  4. Pour some of the water into your bowl or cauldron in offering to whatever deities, spirits, or energies you work with.
  5. Calm yourself as best as you can. I found it effective to hold my hands over the steam of the hot water in my cauldron, relaxing my hands, and allowing that feeling to permeate the space around me.
  6. Take a large pinch of each ingredient and sprinkle it into the bowl or cauldron, stating why you are including it:
    – Lavender, for calm and for soothing pain
    – Chamomile, for calm and happiness
    – Jasmine, for serenity and uplifting energies
    – Rose, for protection and love (this stress came from love, so it was pertinent here)
    – Cascarilla, for strength
  7. Take the remainder of your boiling water and pour it over the herbs in your bowl or cauldron, allowing the steam and heat to be the catalyst for the spell. Waft your hands through the steam to spread their effects throughout your space, envisioning it breaking down negative tensions in the space, but especially in the people for whom you are working the spell.
  8. Speak your intention out loud, and that the spell should continue to strengthen as it steeps, as a tea becomes stronger the longer it sits.
  9. Complete or close the spellcasting as your tradition or inclination dictates.

I offered a small prayer to Aphrodite in the working, as I am a Hellenic revivalist, and so I also included a few drops of my Aphrodite’s Blessings oil in the cauldron to aid with the stress of fighting with a lover. You may include offerings or ingredients similarly as you see fit.

I was a bit frazzled by my friend’s sudden arrival, and so I did the working without telling her (though I think I generally have her permission to do this kind of thing anyhow), and she remarked to me later that, while she always feels that our apartment has a lot of positive energy and is a calming space for her, she felt the calmness hit her all at once around the time I did my spellwork, rather than as she walked in as is usually the case. It bolstered her emotional strength during the remainder of the weekend, and she appreciated the work.

If you have any questions concerning this spell, you can contact me here on Tumblr or at achangingaltar@live.com

Feel free to add this to your spellbooks, but please credit me (Anthos, at A Changing Altar) as the source.