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A Spell to Untangle Finances –


A spell I created to untangle finances as they pass from one place to another.

In my particular case it was my fiance’s money making it to its intended destination, which was his tuition payment at school. There have been some obstacles raised, and third parties involved, and I want his money to get to the school’s “bank account” with as few complications as possible.


(Most of these can be adapted, and some can be left out entirely, though this is how I first performed the spellwork)

  • String (roughly 2 feet)
  • Bowl or cauldron
  • Mortar & pestle
  • Water
  • Paper, or tokens representing both parties (e.g. names, birthdays, etc. on paper, or photos, business cards, personal effects, etc.)
  • Basil (dried or fresh)
  • Mint (dried of fresh)
  • Bay leafs (dried)
  • Basil oil (essential or perfume…I use essential)
  • Crown of Success oil
  • A monetary offering (pennies, pocket change, or bills as you choose)


  1. Gather your tools and ingredients; don’t forget things like matches, scissors, or a bottle of water depending how much of the ‘set-up’ you do before spellwork, or as part of the spellwork. Set up your space as your tradition or inclination dictates.
  2. Set one bay leaf aflame. Allow it to burn out, and use the smoke to cleanse all of the tools and ingredients. Repeat, cleansing yourself with the smoke from another bay leaf.
  3. Pour the water into your bowl or cauldron in offering to whatever deities, spirits, or energies you work with.
  4. Prepare your tokens. In my case this involved writing the name and birthday of my fiance on a small paper, and wrapping it around a favourite pendant he wears regularly and puts a lot of energy into as a representation of him, and then writing the name, address, and logo of his school’s admissions and finance branch on another small paper.
  5. Tie the string around each of these tokens at opposite ends of the string.
  6. Anoint the string with basil oil, envisioning it as the path the money will take. Anoint from your token towards the destination token.
  7. Take the string and tie a bow in it at the centre without tying a knot in it first. This represents the tangles or snares that are impeding the flow of money. (You may wish to practice this before the actual casting. The point is to be able to tug on the string and easily undo whatever knot or bow you’ve created, thus untangling the finances.)
  8. Put the mint and basil (both money drawing herbs) into your mortar, and begin to crush them. As you do, take out all your frustrations on them. Crush them, and as you break them down you are also breaking down the obstacles that stand in the way of your goal. Your pulverization is the impetus for breaking down those obstacles in the real world.
  9. Sprinkle a pinch of the ground herbs over the knot you’ve tied in your string, and pour the rest out in offering into your water bowl.
  10. Drop one drop of Crown of Success oil onto the knot, and another into your offering bowl. Crown of Success removes bureaucratic and social obstacles from your path, stops gossip, and brings odds to your favour, so it will be acting as the lubricant to dissolve those obstacles that impede you.
  11. Speak aloud your wish, and as you do, tug at the ends of your string so that the knot undoes itself. Envision the flow of money passing from one end of the string (or path) to the other with ease, with the ultimate goal being a successful transaction.
  12. Complete the spellcasting as your tradition or inclination dictates, leaving your monetary offering out with the tokens and offering bowl.

I used this spell to help my fiance’s tuition pass to his school unimpeded, but it could just as easily be used to pay credits cards, or even to get someone to pay you money that they owe. In the latter case, I might include herbs or oils dealing with compelling or commanding (cloves or vanilla for example, or Compelling and Commanding oils); anointing their token, and dragging the oil down the string from them towards you.

The only particularity of this spell is that it requires that you have or will have the money in question. My fiance and I will have the money to pay his tuition in smaller payments over the summer as we both work. We are not casting to draw money to us, but to ensure that money we do/will have makes it to the proper destination. If you need to call money to you in order to make payments or anything like that, do a money drawing spell separately and this one after!

If you have any questions concerning this spell, you can contact me here, on Tumblr, or at achangingaltar@live.com

Feel free to add this to your spellbooks, but please credit me (Anthos, at A Changing Altar) as the source.