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Since my How-To’s on broom-making and cascarilla were pretty popular, I’d try a video this time describing how I made my ritual scourge.

I had come across the idea of ritual scourging many times over the years I’ve practiced witchcraft and Paganism, particularly in fleeting references regarding British Traditional Wicca. I use (to my knowledge) it in most cases in that kind of fashion; as a tool for purification. However, I’ve also used my scourge a few times during ritual to help induce an altered state of mind. Self-flagellation has a long history of being practiced in order to purify the self, to act out penitence, or to use pain to escape the human body and experience the Divine or the Other.

I wanted to experiment with a scourge, but didn’t have the funds to buy a fancy one for ritual use, so I bought inexpensive materials and put one together through experimentation. It is imperfect, but it functions quite nicely.

I made the whole thing by hand, and will gladly take commissions if anyone would like me to make one. Leave me a comment here, or e-mail me (achangingaltar@live.com) and we can discuss personalization and costs!

If anyone makes their own, please contact me so I can see how it turned out! I love to share this kind of witchy-crafting!