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So, it’s been some time since I was able to post anything of substance here, so I suppose it’s only right that I post up a bit of everything that’s been going on with me since Yule!

The Yule Fair (hosted here, locally, by Melange Magique and the Montreal Pagan Resource Center) was a lot of fun. We took on a few new recruits at the MPRC to help out for this special annual event. It’s a yule craft fair where we sell local Pagan crafts, supplies, etc. and invite local Pagan supporters as well!

The M.P.R.C. had an informational table, and we were able to sell a couple dozen books we took from our resource library that were doubles. It was a great way to help earn some money to put back into the community. I was able to chat a bunch with some great Pagan friends, and a few people I really look up to, so I was thrilled with the whole weekend!

Some highlights include:
Concordia University Pagan Society (C.U.P.S.) had a great craft table that they set up. The group is reforming, reorganizing, and re-kicking ass (technical term, I swear). They were able to pull together their group and create some fantastic hand-made Yule crafts in a few days to come and meet the community and help raise money for their group!

The lovely April-Anna

“WE EXIST!!!” – C.U.P.S.

I also had the pleasure of chatting up a fantastic local artist named April-Anna, who specialises in body-painting, beautiful paintings, and henna body-art! Her’s was the first henna art to ever have graced my hands, and I loved it! Also, she took the fantastic picture of Hobbes and I as the Oak King and the Holly King that I posted around Yule!

After the fair, we held our public Yule ritual, lead by Hobbes, and we shared our light with each other; going around the circle we each helped another member of the community light their candle from our own to fill the room with warmth and light. It was actually very moving and quite beautiful.

"Nativity" - David Pohl

On a personal level, I got to experience another first; staying up all night for the Yule vigil! And not only did I do it, but I did it in the company of almost 10 other people at a friend’s house. It was the first time doing a ritual with people that wasn’t a “public ritual”; we were just a group of friends doing a short ritual and spending the rest of the night philosophizing, guarding the light until dawn….and playing Apples to Apples!

In other big exciting news, I am now the President of The Montreal Pagan Resource Centre! It’s kind of a big deal and scary as sin, but I’m thrilled to be doing it, and I know that I have a great team there to support me. More on that, though, in my next post!

Again, endless thanks for sticking with me this far, folks….more posts to come in the coming weeks dealing with all kinds of stuff ranging from the M.P.R.C., to spirit animals and guides, and some personal reflection of my relationship with Dionysus!