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I decided to make a couple of playlists for magical use.

I decided to use Grooveshark as you can find most songs on their site, and making playlists is really easy. You don’t need to be a member to listen, but joining takes all of one minute, and it allows you to select a playlist, put it in your queue, and then add or remove songs as you like so that you can then save your version of the playlist to your account for future witchings!

So far I have two lists:

A Sexy Curse – songs with a more dramatic and moody feel, good for cursing and magical use in general. I went more for ‘feel’ rather than subject or lyrics. Elsiane is a local (Montreal, Canada) artist that is perfect for slow-build magical work, Robot Koch has a slightly more ‘Trip Hop’ sound, and you’ll find some other sounds like Dead Can Dance and Florence + the Machine, amoung others.

A Beautiful Bath – As a bathtub witch, I use this list often. I tried to avoid songs with words, and rather I went with relaxing songs that set a cleansing mood. This is not, however, a new-age playlist of ‘Ohm’-y chants (one of those might come later)…this is a playlist to help with cleansing and purification. You’ll have to listen to really get it, I think. The Album Leaf makes up a good portion of it, as well as Hundred Waters, and some selections from Jon Brion’s movie scores. A very ‘drifty’ and ‘floaty’ list.